Advising on labour issues

The SBH Law Offices team can help prevent disputes by handling labour law matters in your company or resolve any disputes that have already arisen

Our lawyers provide legal assistance in the following areas

•    Drafting employment contracts to ensure maximum protection of the interests of the employer and/or the employee;
•    Advising on the procedure for the extension and termination of employment relations, including with company executives, with the least risk for the client. Preparation of the documents required for this purpose;
•    Advising on employment and social leave provisions and social guarantees. Preparing the requisite documents;
•    Advising on the procedure for imposing disciplinary and financial liability on employees for offences committed. Preparation of the documents required for that;
•    Advising on staffing changes, including transfer, relocation of employees, etc;
•    Advising on the procedure for reducing the number and/or number of employees. Preparation of draft documents required to reduce the number of employees and (or) the staff. 
•    Advising on the procedure for changing the material terms of employment, including working hours, remuneration system, transfer to remote work, etc. Preparation of draft documents required to change the material conditions of employment.


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