Advice on regulatory issues

Licensing, quality assurance, foreign currency transactions procedure, labour law issues, foreign trade transactions procedure, etc

Our lawyers provide legal assistance on the following issues

•    Defining the norms that must be complied with in their activities (e.g. conditions for carrying out certain activities);
•    Clarification of the content of mandatory rules (e.g. the content of licensing requirements);
•    Development of recommendations on possible courses of action within the legal framework (e.g., how to complete a foreign trade transaction);
•    Legal assessment of the terms of submitted documents (agreements, contracts);
•    Legal assessment of the situation (whether there is a breach or no breach) and clarification of possible adverse consequences.


Regulation of bills of exchange and promissory notes in Belarus

Advising of Danish export credit agency EKF on regulation of bills of exchange and promissory notes in Belarus.

Advising one of the largest airlines

SBH Law Offices team advised one of the world's largest airlines on legal aspects of doing business in Belarus.

Advising one of the largest oil and gas companies

Advising on setting up a business in Belarus in view of Decree No. 40 of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

Launch of a food delivery service

Advising one of the online payment providers in Belarus on the legal aspects of implementing a service for ordering fast food delivery from restaurants and groceries from shops via mobile app or website in Belarus.

HTP accession of crypto platform operator Free2ex

The SBH Law Offices team prepared internal documents and accompanied the accession to the HTP of Free2ex, a cryptocurrency exchange in Belarus that provides trading of cryptocurrencies and tokenised assets.

Advising Amazon Web Services

Advising Amazon Web Services, Amazon's subsidiary, on a wide range of legal issues necessary for setting up a business in Belarus.

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