Legal support of Zubr Capital's investment in MediaCube

The SBH Law Offices team has brokered a first-of-its-kind investment from major investment fund Zubr Capital Fund I in MediaCube, a young and promising Belarusian IT company. Information about the investment became available on 15 August 2019 following Zubr Capital's press conference.
The uniqueness of the transaction structure is that it had to take into account the norms of Belarusian law and at the same time use the mechanisms of English law, which are clear and familiar to the investor. The Fund's Investment Committee required investment protection guarantees, which, unfortunately, cannot always be ensured (despite the applicability of English law to investment agreements), as registration activities must still be carried out under Belarusian law.
Through negotiation and teamwork, legal solutions have been found that protect the Fund and do not put the other party at a clear disadvantage. These solutions have been implemented in practice and will work throughout the investment period.

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